In the Season 1 finale, guest host Kelly Senecal talks to fellow Convergent Science co-founder Keith Richards about their experience writing a general...View Details

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for applications ranging from construction to agriculture to photography. In this episode, Roberto Torelli an...View Details

How does CFD help in the fight against heart disease? Professor Alejandro Roldán-Alzate joins host Tiffany Cook to discuss how medical imaging, 3D pri...View Details

In this episode, Sarangarajan V. Iyengar, co-founder of Skill-Lync, joins host Tiffany Cook to share his insights into how innovative teaching program...View Details

In this episode, we explore the wonders of fluid dynamics with Nicole Sharp, creator of FYFD. Discover how star-nosed moles sniff underwater, why surf...View Details

Doug Yates, Jamie McNaughton, and Todd English from Roush Yates Engines join host Tiffany Cook to discuss designing high-performance engines for the f...View Details

Dive into high-performance computing, supercomputing, and cloud computing and discover how they facilitate innovation in science, technology, and CFD....View Details

In the inaugural episode, host Tiffany Cook talks to Convergent Science Owner Kelly Senecal about what CFD is and how it applies to planes, cars, perf...View Details

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